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West Belfast PSNI slams dirt bike rider in Falls area

By Allan Preston

Days after the death of mother-of-three Valerie Armstrong, who was hit by a scrambler bike in a Belfast park, police in west Belfast have issued a fresh warning about dangerous dirt bike use in the area.

On its Facebook page, west Belfast PSNI wrote last night: "It absolutely beggars belief that after the completely tragic events this week that we have some eejit in the Lower Falls area racing about on a scrambler, in a built up area where there are children and people out walking.

"The sheer stupidity and insensitivity of this goes without saying. Take a look at yourself and wise up before someone else gets hurt."

Earlier, PSNI Superintendent Darrin Jones said: "Quads, and some scramblers, do not comply with construction and use regulations and vehicle safety standards and therefore are restricted to 'off-road' use only.

"However, this does not mean they can be driven anywhere 'off-road'. These vehicles should only be driven on private land where the landowner has given permission and should not be driven on pavements, roads, public property or parks."

A 17-year-old male has been charged with causing Mrs Amstrong's death by dangerous driving and is due to appear again in court on August 18.

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