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We've got to hand it to our readers... hundreds join in Rory McIlory healing bid

By Staff Reporter

The power of positive thinking appears to be working its magic on Rory McIlory, after reports that the injured golfer was now able to walk a short distance unaided.

The good news comes just a day after the Belfast Telegraph teamed up with mentalist David Meade in a bid to help Rory recover from ruptured ligaments in his ankle in time for The Open.

Our story invited readers to place their hands on a photo of the Holywood star's ankle at noon to focus the power of their minds on his recovery.

And last night sources indicated that the swelling in the joint has come down and that the 26-year-old is in "great form".

Mentalist Meade said: "The reaction's been overwhelming - and it really looks like we split the nation. Some got right behind it as a chance to show our support for Rory, and some saw it as a tremendous waste of time.

"Either way, it started us all talking about positive thinking and asking whether or not it can make a difference to our lives.

"In the last 24 hours I've been inundated with tweets, texts, emails, and radio interviews asking about the 'experiment'. My favourite comment was a 70-ish year old woman who stopped me and said: "Better hope he doesn't get a groin strain too."

And when she read our story, former Miss Northern Ireland Leanne McDowell swung into action: "I put my hand on the photo and I've even taken a selfie of me doing it! At the end of the day it's all a bit of fun and it couldn't hurt for Rory to get some positive energy going his way."

Cathy Martin, director of Belfast Fashion Week, is a firm supporter of the power of positivity: "I'm all for supporters putting the power of their minds behind sports people to will them to healing - and on to victory."

UTV sports journalist Denise Watson said: "I really liked the Belfast Telegraph's idea of getting David Meade on the case. He has such strong, positive mental energy - and anything we can do to help Rory to get better in time for The Open is well worth trying."

Mindfulness and meditation coach Brenda Shankey added: "It's a great idea. I'm a firm believer in the collective power of group positive thinking. With a positive mental attitude anything is possible."

Another former Miss Northern Ireland, Fiona Hurley - a qualified hypno-psychotherapist - was a little cooler: "I believe in the power of the mind, but I'm a little more cynical about the likely impact of putting your hand on a piece of paper and wishing very hard.

"But it can't do any harm - and the Telegraph's link-up with David Meade will certainly let Rory know lots of local people are rooting for him to get better."

Cool FM DJ Pete Snodden and UTV presenter Pamela Ballantine are both convinced of the value of a positive mental attitude.

"Positivity attracts positivity," said Pete. "I dodge as much negativity as I can.

"If I was Rory McIlroy, with just two weeks to go to The Open - I would try anything!"

Pamela agreed: " I'm a great believer in having a positive mental attitude.

"I'm convinced that what you give out, you get back."

Broadcaster Lynda Bryans missed the noon deadline but said "a wee prayer for him anyway".

"Sending positive energy is a nice idea.

"By the sound of things, Rory needs all the help he can get," she said.

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