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'What is the DUP' makes Google's top UK trending queries of 2017

The DUP made Google's top UK trending queries of 2017.

The number one trend was Meghan Markle after the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry.

Second was the iPhone 8 which was launched this year.

In their What is queries of 2017 the top one for the UK was "what is a hung Parliament" and "what is an exit poll".

The DUP made the list at number nine with 'What is the DUP'.

In terms of their global trending searches number one was Hurricane Irma.

Top ten UK What is... queries of 2017:

1) What is a hung parliament?

2) What is an exit poll?

3) What is the Confederations Cup?

4) What is Bitcoin?

5) What is the Antikythera mechanism?

6) What is a pangolin?

7) What is a general election?

8) What is waterboarding?

9) What is the DUP?

10) What is Pink's real name?

Top Trending UK

1) Meghan Markle

2) iPhone 8

3) Hurricane Irma

4) Fidget spinner

5) Manchester bombing

6) Grenfell Tower

7) 13 Reasons Why

8) Tara Palmer Tomkinson

9) Shannon Matthews

10) iPhone X

Top Ten Global trending searches

1) Hurricane Irma

2) iPhone 8

3) iPhone X

4) Matt Lauer

5) Meghan Markle

6) 13 Reasons Why

7) Tom Petty

8) Fidget Spinner

9) Chester Bennington

10) India National Cricket Team

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