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What makes Titanic Belfast more appealing to tourists than the Eiffel Tower?

Titanic Belfast recently fended off many world renowned landmarks to be branded the best visitor attraction in Europe, but what is it about the magnificent museum that's so appealing?

The stunning 300m Eiffel Tower in Paris offers awe-inspiring views of Europe's most romantic city and the London Eye treats guests to a spectacular panorama of the UK's capital but it seems neither have anything on our very own Titanic Belfast, which gained recognition at a major travel awards event in Berlin earlier this month.

The attraction has drawn in over 2 million visitors since opening almost three years ago and the Belfast Telegraph has taken a tour of the fascinating structure to discover just what makes Titanic Belfast Europe's number one travel-stop.

The structure itself is impressive and it clearly aims to stun visitors with it's four corners jutting out, representing the Titanic's bow and highlighting the ill-fated ship's true size.

Upon entering the building, a large atrium welcomes the public before they begin their journey through the captivating galleries.

These lead guests through the times when Belfast was an important global industrial hub, right through the shipbuilding era and into the construction of the Titanic, it's launch and eventually its demise.

But the attraction goes further, with displays relating to the aftermath for the passengers and the investigations which took place after the sinking.

Finally, visitors are taken into the Ballard theatre where they can see moving images of the wreck as it currently is.

Director of the museum, Tim Husbands is especially proud of what the museum has achieved, saying: "It's probably one of the most authentic tourist attractions in the world, let alone in Europe. We're actually on the site where Titanic was designed, where it was built and down the slipways where it was ultimately launched.

"People are really buying into their heritage at the moment across Europe and that gives them both that sense of reality and authenticity and also allows them to interpret the story in a great level of detail that they've not had before.

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