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What odds on a Northern Ireland white Christmas - and where's it most likely?

By Claire Williamson

What are the chances of Northern Ireland getting a white Christmas this year?

Snow may have been falling all around us on Friday and more forecast for the weekend giving hope that we could wake up to a winter wonderland on Christmas day. But what are the odds?

It seems if you want to secure a white Christmas, you should head to Scotland as they have the best chance of one according to historical weather data.

The data has been compiled by which looked at weather data from the past eight Christmas days.

Northern Ireland has a 5.2% chance of a snowy Christmas while Scotland takes the lead with 7.3%. Meanwhile England has a 6.1% chance, Wales 3.6 and Ireland a 3.2% chance.

The Northern Ireland city most likely to see snow on Christmas Day is Newry.

However, the Met Office has said the most accurate predictions will only be available about a week before Christmas.

Cities most like to get a white Christmas:

Stirling, Scotland: 12.9 percent

Aberdeen: 12.5 percent

Inverness: 11.29 percent

Bradford: 10.48 percent

Newry: 8.47 percent

Carlisle: 8.47 percent

Wolverhampton: 8.47 percent

Birmingham: 8.06 percent

Portsmouth: 8.06 percent

Armagh: 7.66 percent

Cities least likely to get a white Christmas:

Truro: 1.6

Exeter: 2.42

Plymouth: 2.42

Swansea: 2.42

Southampton: 3.23

Cardiff: 3.63

Chichester: 3.63

Newport: 4.03

Nottingham: 4.03

Winchester: 4.03 

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