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Wheelchair user knocked over and kicked in nasty Derry Burglary, court hears

Wheelchair user threatened and told to hand over cash, court heard.
Wheelchair user threatened and told to hand over cash, court heard.

By Alan Erwin

A man accused of a "nasty" raid on the home of a wheelchair user must remain in custody, a High Court judge has ruled.

Brian O'Hagan, 25, was refused bail amid claims he took part in the burglary in Derry where the victim was knocked over and kicked.

Referring to the alleged offence, Lord Justice Treacy said: "Someone prepared to do that to a vulnerable individual, God knows where they would stop."

O'Hagan, of Donal Casey Court in the city, denies entering a nearby premises as a trespasser on October 24.

A mobile phone, key, key ring and £57.10 in cash were stolen, according to the charge.

Three people are suspected of breaking into the flat occupied by a man who uses a wheelchair.

He was allegedly threatened and told to hand over money, knocked out of his chair and kicked to the head, a previous court heard.

O'Hagan was said to have been arrested after being subsequently located in undergrowth.

The court was told when police called the alleged victim's number a phone found in O'Hagan's property rang.

Defence counsel Barry Gibson said his client insists he was in the general area of the burglary and found a phone.

O'Hagan claims he then went into bushes after becoming scared when an unmarked car approached.

During exchanges Lord Justice Treacy remarked: "This is a particularly nasty incident."

Denying bail, he added that the "degree of terror and injury inflicted far exceed the value of the goods".

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