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'When I started my family I was financially stable and wanted to settle down'


By Mark Edwards

A mother of two from Newtownards, who waited to start her family until she was in her 30s, has said she is not surprised by figures which reveal woman in Northern Ireland are waiting longer to have their first child.

Kerry Conlin had her first child, Jacob, in her mid-30s. She now has a second boy, Noah, who is five months old. She said older mums are often in a more stable part of their life.

"I was 34. It was just the way things happened. I was out working and enjoying myself, I did not really give it a second thought to be honest," she said.

"It was just the right time for me. In my 20s there were other things I wanted to do. Go travelling, enjoy myself and I was working at my career."

Mrs Conlin works as a civil servant at the Department for Infrastructure. She is currently on maternity leave and plans to return to work in January on reduced hours. Her husband David works as a joiner.

She said: "It doesn't surprise me that more woman are choosing to start families later. I think you are a bit more grown up. I had my own house and a job when I had Jacob. I was far more financially stable to have a family. I was definitely not in that position in my 20s.

"In my 30s I wanted to settle down. I do not plan to have any more children, two is enough."

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