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When will mummy be home?...the questions of a little boy that only deepen the anguish of tragic Olivia's bereft family

The young son of a Fermanagh woman whose death is being investigated for a drugs link is still asking his heartbroken family when she is coming home.

Kevin Tierney (9) lost his mother Olivia Reilly earlier this month when her body was found in a house in Lisnaskea.

The next day Noel Reilly (36), who is no relation, was found dead at his home in the Carrowshee area of the town in what was a harrowing development for the two families and the community.

Both deaths are being investigated for a possible link to drugs but their grieving families are still bewildered as to what happened.

The parents of both victims have made an emotional plea for anyone who can help them find out how their loved ones died — and if drugs were involved.

Police say both deaths are being treated as “unexplained”, and Ms Reilly's grieving family are appealing to people to help them piece together how she died.

While a post-mortem examination has so far proved inconclusive, the young mother's family believe drugs may have killed her, and want those responsible brought to justice.

“Olivia was a good girl, a good mother, a good daughter and a good sister. Little would she have known of the fatal risk and danger that lay ahead of her last Sunday evening when she finished her shift at Enable Care that morning,” said Kevin, her distraught father.

“We want this appeal to highlight the reality of the dangers circulating in our communities and by challenging the problem head on and speaking out you could be saving lives,” added her mother, Rose.

“The actions of a few have tarnished the reputation of the town and it is time for people to stand up and confront the issue,” said Ms Reilly's sister, Amanda Swift.

“We want the people who brought such things into our community weeded out so they are not allowed to do it again,” she said.

Mrs Swift, who made the “absolutely terrible” journey home from Australia to attend her sister's funeral last week just hours after being told of her death, said Lisnaskea's problem with drugs will not be solved “until people start taking action, and not allowing this activity to happen”.

 She is appealing to local people to “speak out” so that further tragedies can be prevented.

“We want anyone with information however small to get in touch; any information that brings it all back to the source of this.

“It was a complete waste of a life, two lives. Olivia's death has left a son without a mother and that's the reality of the situation.

“Right now ‘wee Kev' accepts that his mother is not here anymore, but 10 minutes later he could turn around and ask when is she coming home from work?

“He has been very brave and we are all here for him whenever he is feeling lonely, because, of course, he feels lonely,” she said.

 Meanwhile, the distraught parents of Noel Reilly have also appealed for information from anyone who can help them understand how their son died.

Brian and Pam Reilly paid tribute to their “caring and lovable” son.

“He was so full of life, he loved having the craic with the lads and loved getting out on the lough. He was caring, he loved his family, and would have done anything for you. But now that's all gone. He's gone,” Mr Reilly said.

“We have been robbed, completely robbed, and in a very big way. It is not just me who is broken, but the wife and whole family. We are all deeply devastated and we just want answers.”

The Reillys want to know if it was drugs that caused their son's mysterious death. Mr Reilly said: “If it is the case that drugs were involved and that's how Noel died then we want to know what happened and we want rid of these drugs from the area.

“Noel was aware of drugs and was street-wise. I wouldn't even know one drug from the other. But there may be people out there who can help us with this. Although, do they want to help? Their hands are probably tied and they probably know somebody, but don't want to say.

 “Saying his death was unexplained of course adds to the confusion. Not knowing is hard. If it had been a car accident, or an accident at work, that would be explained. We are going through this hell, just like Olivia's family. We are two families who just don't know what has happened and that is an awful thing.”

 The Reillys also lost a daughter, Martina (8) in a house fire in Lisnaskea in 1982.

“When we lost the wee girl in a house fire, her death was explained and we knew exactly what had happened, but this time we have no answers.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact detectives in Enniskillen on 0845 600 8000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


“It was a complete waste of a life, two lives. Olivia's death has left a son without a mother and that's the reality of the situation. Right now ‘wee Kev' accepts his mother is not here anymore, but 10 minutes later he could turn around and ask, when is she coming home from work? He has been very brave and we are all here for him.”

Amanda Swift on the death of her sister Olivia Reilly

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