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Where will they get another psycho like Jamie?

IT'S testimony to just how "on the zeitgeist" The Fall's schtick is that TV bigwigs have endorsed our submission to the crowded Eurovision canon of psychotic killer vs psychologically complex cop dramas with a second series.

Question is, could The Fall 2 bank on the star power of Gillian Anderson (right) to propel another series of achingly crafted yet curiously frictionless action?

Her deliciously cold DI Gibson is an enjoyable addition to the gallery of 'difficult' crime fighters.

And where, in a town as small as Belfast, will they find another killer as urbane, appealing and non-sectarian as Jamie Dornan's Phil Spector seems to be?

I suspect that that's the reason he was cast in the first place – to challenge our preconceptions that all murderous sexual predators resemble a cross between Fred West and Captain Birdseye.

Anyway, this week the net tightened just that bit closer.

The improbably named Operation Music Man rumbled into procedural life and Gillian was rumbled for bonking a murdered copper. She then turned the tables on her hypocritical male persecutors by being shamelessly unapologetic about it, causing the usually dependably stoic Stuart Graham to storm out of her office, and John Lynch's deputy Chief Constable Burns to nearly burst into tears again.

Earlier he'd chided her for not having time to avail of a firearm, with a petulant, but portentous "This is Belfast... make time."

As well as being a poor tourist slogan, there was an embarrassingly meaningful, yet misguided edge to it.

Besides, you can tell Anderson could disarm your average Belfast miscreant with a lash of that caustic tongue, saving her bullets for the dangers of what Ian Paisley jnr likes to call 'The Mainland'.

And so, it transpired that some cops were dodgy.

No doubt it's a standard extra dramatic strand that'll be teased out over the next two episodes, while what we really want to see is Jamie Dornan in a towel squaring up to a loyalist killer.

And fans of that sort of thing were amply rewarded last night, though it was hard to know who to cheer for.

"Any doubt about the gender of the murderer?" DI Gibson requested of Belfast's finest, before helpfully recapping the MO of deadly Dornan.

"The devil is quite literally in the detail," she added.

'The Devil', in fact was quite literally at home, watching her on TV at a PSNI press conference, licking his lips, as he sensed that we were on the home straight.

He was probably also thinking that he'd have to arrange a 'surprise' rendezvous with Gibson towards the end of episode four, if we were to reach any kind of satisfactory denouement here.

That's the problem with psychopaths. They're wild samey.

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