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Whiplash claims 'a web of deceit'

By Alan Erwin

A car crash was staged as part of a "web of deceit" to try to secure compensation, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Gillen held that both the alleged injured man and a second motorist he sued were involved in a plot linked to up to seven whiplash claims.

Marcin Marciniec brought a personal injury case over the collision at a roundabout in Antrim in July 2011. Mr Marciniec, originally from Poland, was in a Ford Focus along with three other fellow nationals.

He sued Arkadiusz Gruszczynski for driving into the back of him at the junction.

The plaintiff claimed he did not know the defendant, but had seen him a couple of times about the town.

According to his case the collision inflicted £850 worth of damage to his car.

However, Mr Justice Gillen yesterday said: "I have come to the conclusion on the balance of probabilities that the entire collision was fraudulently staged."

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