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White Christmas a washout as forecasters warn of rain

By Steven Alexander

It's more likely to be a wet and windy Christmas in Northern Ireland than a white one, with forecasters warning of heavy rain on Monday.

Those living in the far north of Scotland may be the only ones to experience snow on Christmas Day.

Low-pressure conditions are likely to dominate the UK from around Sunday onwards, which means spells of heavy rain and strong winds between Christmas and the new year.

Met Office meteorologist Helen Chivers said: "For the big day itself, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to see some heavy and prolonged rain and there is still a possibility of a white Christmas for some northern areas of Scotland.

"But, for most of us, it's largely going to be dry and breezy Christmas Day."

Earlier this month, the Met Office said Northern Ireland has a 5.2% chance of snow on Christmas Day.

It gave Newry an 8.47% chance and Armagh 7.66%, with a 3.2% chance in the Republic.

Northern Ireland has experienced a white Christmas 15 times in the last half century.

For Christmas Day to be defined as a white Christmas, it's necessary for "one snowflake to be observed falling in the 24 hours of 25 December somewhere in the country".

Today in Northern Ireland will be another rather dull and mild day.

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