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White collar boxing returns to Belfast's King's Hall

By Gary Grattan

Tonight (Thursday) over 30 men - and one woman - from various businesses across Northern Ireland will be swapping their suits for boxing gloves at the home of boxing here - the King's Hall.

The occasion is the second White Collar Boxing Fight Night NI.

Over the past eight weeks the contenders have been involved in an intensive training programme.

In Video: Gary Grattan reports from the Dockers' Club

Speaking at Belfast's Dockers' Club on the final training night, Cathal O'Grady, a former Olympic and professional boxer, who is Managing Director of White Collar Boxing, explained the concept.

"It is something I brought here in 2005. At that time there were lots of stressed out men in Dublin and Belfast making lots of money.

"Unfortunately the financial and economic climate has changed since then but we still have a lot of stressed out men who are looking to relieve some of that stress in the gym.

"And on a mental and physical level there is no test like climbing into a boxing ring.

"So basically the idea is to bring boxing to an audience that was previously neglected.

"These guys never thought they would have got into a boxing ring, let alone make their debut at the King's Hall."

Neil Sinclair, a former Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, added: "I have seen the guys come on a lot. At the start some of them didn't even know how to hold their hands up and now they are sparring each other and they are very professional."

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