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White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite's grandmother is home from hospital


The Northern Irish grandmother of the world's most wanted woman is home from hospital, after the pressure of the situation took its toll on the pensioner's health.

Family friends have said that the publicity surrounding Samantha Lewthwaite, who is suspected of involvement in the atrocity that claimed the lives of at least 62 in the Kenyan shopping mall massacre, has deeply affected her frail grandmother, Elizabeth Allen, who lives near the town centre of Banbridge. Samantha Lewthwaite was born and spent some of her childhood in the Co Down town before moving to England.

In 2002, she married Jermaine Lindsay in an Islamic ceremony at a house in Aylesbury. He blew himself up on a London Underground train in July 2005 killing 26 people.

UUP councillor Joan Baird, who knows the family personally, said that although she had not been in contact with them in the last couple of days, she thought Ms Allen had returned from hospital on Monday. She would not comment further.

Ms Baird said that Samantha Lewthwaite's family had been left distraught over the allegations.

"It's very distressing for all the family and very distressing for the people of Banbridge. She came from a very good family and they have suffered enough as a result of all this," Ms Baird said.

"Mrs Allen is 85 and she is in and out of hospital. It is just so distressing."

Alliance councillor Sheila McQuaid said that the town is still absolutely shocked and bewildered at the news.

"My heart goes out to her grandmother, you bring your children and your grandchildren up the best you can and this is a terrible cross for her to bear.

"We are shocked as to how it could happen or how anybody from Banbridge could be linked with something so evil," Ms McQuaid said.

Lewthwaite is currently being hunted by special forces in Africa.

September 24, 2013 -- Speculation is growing that the wife of Huddersfield suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay is involved in the Kenyan Westgate Shopping Mall terrorist attack. The British Foreign Office is investigating suggestions that Samantha Lewthwaite, nicknamed the “White Widow”, was among the al-Shabaab militants involved in the seige. Graphic shows profile of Samantha Lewthwaite.

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