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Who's in the dog house now? Stylist Sara shares snaps after puppy goes on rampage

By Claire Williamson

It was a double-destruction doggy disaster. A Portrush stylist and illustrator couldn't believe her eyes as she found her five-month old golden retriever surrounded with loads of torn-up paper.

Little Blyton was full of mischief on Wednesday night as he ravaged through a set of unguarded magazines.

He belongs to Portrush surfer Al Mennie and his fiancée Sara O'Neill.

The magazines were part of Sara's work.

She had turned her back for a minute and Blyton tore through them.

She then bagged up all the pieces, but when she turned away again the cute pup seized his opportunity again.

And it's not the first time he's been up to no good, as earlier this week he had a rather messy run-in with a watermelon.

Sara posted the photo to her Instagram account and Twitter with the caption: "So I think stacks of fashion magazines are now banned in my house. Fate worse than death for a stylist."

And the naughty pup drew a lot of attention.

The 33-year-old said: "He is just very, very naughty. Other people on Facebook were saying 'he must be lonely and bored', but myself and my fiancé, we both work for ourselves - so he is with us all the time.

"We take him everywhere and he is rarely on his own. But you turn your back and he is in to everything. It's just that age; I hear they grow out of it." But the illustrator is just glad it wasn't any of her artwork.

She said: "Even if I put down my Mac computer for a minute or if I'm sketching and try to put down my sketchbook, you can't put it down for a second and make a cup of coffee.

"He has got so big now. A couple of months ago at the vet he was six kilos and now he is 17 kilos.

"He is going to be massive, so he can reach everything."

Amused at the picture of the pup looking very innocent as he sits at the scene of the crime - others started sharing their stories of when their pets got up to mischief.

Sara said: "Another girl posted a picture of her dog ripping up her study notes for a promotion at work. I think that was a wee bit more important than my stuff.

"He has just got a lot of energy."

The Portrush couple got engaged in August in what was called one of the most romantic proposals.

The 6ft 5in big wave surfer whisked his 5ft 1in other half off to a cave filled with candles and flowers in Ballintoy at dawn to pop the big question. They hope to tie the knot next April.

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