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Why Belfast man joined Charlie Hebdo after killings

By Cate McCurry

A Belfast man who writes for Charlie Hebdo has revealed how he joined the newspaper just weeks after 12 of its staff were murdered by Islamic extremists.

Robert McLiam Wilson, from Andersonstown in west Belfast, talked of his reasons for joining the French satirical paper, which was attacked on January 7.

The 49-year-old author, who studied at St Malachy's College, spoke of the moment he heard of the shootings at Charlie Hebdo's offices in Paris. "It's the odd thing that growing up in Belfast teaches you. For the absolute avoidance of waste, for the more-dead-than-injured maximum, guns beat bombs every time. Guns are the finisher, the fullest of stops."

Weeks later, and with many of the staff gone, the magazine's future was in doubt. It was then Wilson came on board.

He said: "Among the writers and artists who came to the magazine's aid was the novelist Marie Darrieussecq. Mobilised by rage and dismay, she gathered some French writers and brought a posse with her. She kept a horse for me, and I will never stop being grateful to her."

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