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Why not indulge herself as she sees fit, so long as she's not harming anybody else

By Mary Johnston

The name Sadie Sellers has a certain ring to it.

My sister in law says she's going to call her next pet that name.

And now the 79-year-old granny from Derry is being talked about far and wide thanks to the worldwide web.

The feisty funster who lives in a nursing home in the Waterside absconded this week accompanied by her 21-year-old granddaughter Samantha to have a tattoo done.

Sadie requested a smallish heart on her left arm and didn't even wince once throughout.

Although she's now wearing her heart on her sleeve if you like, she still has a way to go to match the 92-year-old in Sweden who left her Zimmer frame in the car park of her nursing home in Gothenburg, like Sadie did, to run away with her lover aged 86.

Asked what others might think about her exploits, Granny Sadie didn't pull her punches, saying in fruity language that she didn't really care. So, is this bad behaviour, bad example or just the indomitable spirit of a 79-year-old rebel?

Good for her, I say, and more power to her.

Who's she hurting?

I actually dislike tattoos, but I admire Sadie's spirit.

The woman's almost 80 and why shouldn't she indulge herself as she sees fit, so long as it doesn't hurt or harm anyone else.

As I get older, my modus operandi is: 'Do what ya can while ya can'.

Old age is not and never should be an excuse to say what you like to whomever, especially if it's hurtful or nasty.

I don't buy into this school of thought.

Older people, if anything, should practice tolerance if they expect it from others.

That's what gets oldies a bad name, the cantankerous behaviour of some self-indulgent and selfish old fogies who believe it's their God given right to 'tell it like it is' no matter how annoying or how much others don't want to hear.

Live and let live, I say - and good on Sadie.

And as this tattoo thing seems to be somewhat addictive, I'm dying to know what she'll get next.

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