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Why target me? Terrified mum asks after gun attack on Derry flat

By Eamonn MacDermott

A mother has demanded to know why she was targeted by gunmen at her home on Halloween.

Beibhinn Donaghey (26) was in her Racecourse Park flat in Londonderry at around 6.30pm on Tuesday when shots were fired through her front door.

She says she has been left "absolutely terrified".

"I was sitting in the front room with a friend when suddenly we heard these loud bangs," she said. "At first I thought it was a mirror falling, but my friend said it wasn't.

"We went out to the top of the stairs and saw the bullet holes in the door and immediately phoned my brother, who phoned the police.

"The police came and told me to pack a bag and leave, which I did. I only came back last night for the first time.

"I am absolutely terrified and am still petrified now.

"I don't know why this happened. I don't do anything, I don't sell drugs. I don't do anything.

"I have had my share of problems in the past, but I am literally clueless as to why this should happen to me."

The mother said her two young children are too scared to come home and she now wants to move out of her flat.

She added: "I have been here almost a year and I have done the place up really nice, but I just want away from here now.

"I can't stay here after what happened."

She also hit out at the sheer recklessness of the attack.

She said: "They couldn't have known who was in the house. There could have been children here and they simply didn't care.

"But I want them to tell me why they attacked my home and what I am supposed to have done."

Beibhinn's father Paddy Doherty also demanded answers.

"I want to know who was behind this attack and why," he said.

"If anyone wants to come to me and tell me why they attacked my daughter, I want to hear from them.

"They can go to Sinn Fein if they like, but I think whoever did this at least owes us an explanation as to what they think they were doing."

Mr Doherty revealed that shortly before the shooting six grandchildren were in the house having their faces painted for Halloween.

He added: "This could have been a major tragedy. This house was full of children and the street outside was also packed with young ones going about trick or treating.

"If anyone had a problem with my daughter, could they not have approached her or even approached me to warn us? Instead they chose to fire shots recklessly through a door. I think they owe us an explanation."

Sinn Fein councillor Sandra Duffy also hit out.

She said: "This was an especially horrendous attack as at the time there were children all over the streets with it being Halloween. There was a children's party going on in the nearby community centre and it was a particularly busy time in the area."

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