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Why the long face? Well, this little guy needs snip before he is rehomed

By Laura Abernethy

Meet Ginger, the adorable Shetland pony on the lookout for a new home.

Ginger was found wandering the roads of Finvoy, Co Antrim, a few weeks ago.

After a Facebook appeal by Crosskeenan Lane Animal Sanctuary several people offered to take him in, but they changed their minds when it was revealed he had not been neutered.

The charity is now planning to have him gelded but it needs donations to pay for the costly procedure, and then it hopes he can find a new home.

Ginger was found by two young girls on Mullan Road in Ballymoney on September 21.

Rescue workers don't know where the pony came from. Claire Calderwood, who is currently looking after Ginger, said: "Nobody seems to know anything about him. The Lammas Fair was quite recent. We thought maybe he was sold at the fair as a gelding but then the owners found out he wasn't and abandoned him. We just don't know.

"He's not in too bad condition. One of his feet was quite long and he had a little bit of lice, but apart from that he was ok, so he had an owner at some point."

A local farmer brought him into a field to keep him safe but the wet conditions and long grass were not suitable for the little pony, who measures just 60cm.

When offers to rehome him came in Claire volunteered to take him temporarily while a new home was arranged. Excitement built when Holly's Horse Haven believed that Ginger could actually be its horse Tyson, who was stolen along with another pony called Bam Bam in January.

But after a second inspection, Claire discovered that Ginger was a stallion rather than a gelding.

Holly's Horse Haven confirmed that Tyson had been gelded, so Ginger was not its missing pony, and others decided they couldn't take a stallion, leaving him without a permanent home once again.

Stallions are more aggressive and difficult to control and Claire has had to keep him away from her other four horses.

Her stables are already at full capacity so she is hopeful that Ginger will find a new home after he has the operation. Claire said: "It will cost up to £600 depending on how straightforward it is."

It's believed that he is aged between five and 10 and Claire says he is a very well tempered horse that would make a perfect pet once he has the operation. "He is so cute and he's very good and well-behaved for being a stallion," she added. "Occasionally he'll stamp his feet or something, but he's very good in general. He's easily handled and very brushable."

To donate to the campaign to help Ginger, visit or donate by text - text GNGR50 followed by the donation amount (max £10) to 70070. Anyone interested in rehoming Ginger can call Crosskeenan on 028 9446 5384.

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