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Widow of first PSNI officer killed says terrorists ‘have gained nothing’

By Claire McNeilly

The widow of the first PSNI officer to be murdered by terrorists has said the dissidents will gain nothing from this latest atrocity.

Kate Carroll's husband Stephen was gunned down in Craigavon just over two years ago and, up until Saturday, had been the PSNI's only fatal casualty of dissident republican activity.

And Mrs Carroll, who plans to visit Constable Kerr's mother Nuala over the next few days, says she is angry that another family has been left devastated by a pointless killing.

“These people did not gain anything from my Steve's death and they certainly won't gain anything from this,” said Mrs Carroll.

“I don't think the perpetrators of this awful act can be described as human. It's just terrible that these people sat down and planned the death of another human being. This has to stop.”

Mrs Carroll, from Banbridge, said she was fearful that the dissidents would attempt to mark the second anniversary of her husband's murder by targeting another PSNI officer.

“When I heard the news about young Ronan, it was like deja vu for me, but his time I was more aware of what was going on and I was angry about it,” she said.

“It is particularly devastating that they chose Omagh as the scene of another atrocity.

“I had hoped so much that all this would stop after Steve's death, that his name would be the only one on the plaque.”

Mrs Carroll said her heart goes out to Constable Kerr's family because she is all too aware of the grief and anguish that lies ahead.

“What kind of Mother's Day is Nuala Kerr having; just what sort of present was that for her?” she said. “I know only too well the road, the journey that she and the rest of her family are now going to have to face.

“But the people who did this don't care; they just wanted to get that young man and for them that was all there was to it.”

Mr Carroll's murder, on March 9, 2009, came just two days after two young soldiers were gunned down in a murderous dissident attack on Massereene Barracks and at the time it threatened to plunge Northern Ireland into another sectarian conflict.

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