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Widow recalls struggle with UVF murder gang

The wife of a loyalist murder victim has recounted how she savagely fought her husband's killers before he was gunned down in front of her and their three children.

As her voice faltered with emotion, Doreen English said Thomas was sitting in a living room armchair having a cup of coffee when there was a “small rap” from the back door.

“There was a struggle at the back door and, basically, they got the door opened,” she said.

Mrs English tried three times to restrain the murder gang but to no avail.

“I could vaguely hear gunshots,” she said.

Kneeling down beside her wounded husband and trying to dial 999, Mrs English told the court one of the men who sounded “like the taller one” shouted: “Get back here now and finish the b****** off.”

Asked if she could describe any of the gang, Mrs English said they were all wearing scarves and “monkey hats” but that the “taller one” was around six foot tall, well built with pale skin and light brown hair in a crew cut, and had been wearing a green or khaki coloured jacket with a cord collar and black gloves. The smaller one, she said, was about 5ft 6ins and was wearing a black coat.

The trial continues.

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