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Wife laughs off Tommy Bowe's sex symbol status

By Staff Reporter

Rugby star Tommy Bowe said his wife Lucy Whitehouse doesn't take his sex symbol status too seriously.

The Ulster player (32) wed former Miss Wales Lucy in 2015 and while Tommy might have previously topped the polls as Ireland's Sexiest Man, he said his long-term love brings him "right back to earth".

"Lucy laughs it all off. She's kind of used to it at this stage and she finds it more slagging material than anything else," the Ireland international told Dublin Live.

"She brings me right back to earth and I don't get away with too much."

Lucy, a nurse, relocated from her native Wales to move to Belfast with Bowe, who she first met while he playing with the Ospreys in 2011.

"Marriage didn't change anything between us," he said.

"We have remained the same people.

"And Lucy is from near Cardiff, so she's settled in to Belfast very well because it's very similar," he added.

"People are very friendly up here and she's made lots of friends at work, which is what you have to do when you move away."

The down-to-earth athlete previously said he never considered himself a "heart-throb".

"I was one of the dorky kids," the Monaghan man told the Irish Independent in 2014. "There were other heart-throbs in the school, and a couple of my mates would definitely have fancied themselves ahead of me.

"I think that I always enjoyed female company, and it was a bit of crack to have a little flirting going on with the girls that were in your class."

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