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Wife of broadcaster hurt after car rammed during high speed police chase

Two hurt as pursued stolen car hits pedestrian and other vehicle

By David Young

A stolen car being pursued by police hit another while driving on the wrong side of a busy Belfast road.

Two men were being questioned last night after the high-speed chase across the city that left a woman driver and a pedestrian injured.

The PSNI said that shortly after 3.20pm officers began a pursuit of a vehicle at Clifton Street in the north of the city.

The car made its way to the Newtownards Road where it hit a female pedestrian and then collided with another vehicle.

Chief Inspector Stephen McCauley said: "Both the female pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision have been taken to hospital for treatment on injuries which are not believed to be life-threatening."

Last night Robin Elliott, husband of Pauline Carville, the driver whose car was hit at high speed, told of her trauma after the incident.

Mr Elliott, a former radio presenter, was at work when he learned of the crash.

He said: "I was in the middle of filming in Belfast when the call came through and I got someone to drive me straight up to the scene. Basically, they were speeding up the wrong side of the road. They knocked her off the road at around 80 miles an hour.

"She was in the car on her own, but luckily there were a lot of people around who ran to the scene straight away.

"And the police were following the two guys in the car, so they were on the scene immediately."

Pauline was recovering at home last night after her ordeal.

Mr Elliott added: "She's out of hospital now, but it was a dreadful shock.

"She's very shaken up and has got whiplash, sore back, sore arms and stuff, but she's fine.

"It could have been a lot worse."

The PSNI said it had arrested two men in relation to yesterday's events. It added: "As is normal procedure, we have informed the Police Ombudsman of these incidents."


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