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Wig-maker moved by Armagh teen’s story of dealing with hair loss presents her with a £1,100 hairpiece

Kacey Quigley
Kacey Quigley
Wig maker Nicola Matthews
Donna Deeney

By Donna Deeney

A kind-hearted wig maker has generously donated a new wig to an Armagh teen who has been living with alopecia since she was six years old.

Nicola Matthews, who owns Lemonade Wigs in Newtownabbey, was so impressed when she read in the Belfast Telegraph about how 16-year-old Kacey Quigley wanted to raise awareness of and empower others with the hair loss condition, that she decided she wanted to do something for the teenager.

Through the Belfast Telegraph, Nicola met up with Kacey and her mum Nora, and just two weeks later Kacey is now the proud owner of a top-of-the-range, state-of-the-art modern wig befitting any trendy teenager.

Kacey said: "We just cannot thank Nicola and Lemonade Wigs enough for what she has done and I cannot explain how much I love my new wig.

"It is absolutely the best wig I have ever had, it feels fantastic when I am wearing it but I love it too because it looks so much as if I am not wearing a wig at all.

"I can curl and style and plait this wig and I can wear it up in a ponytail if I want - all things I couldn't really do with my other wigs.

"I was so shocked when I found out Nicola saw the story in the Belfast Telegraph and wanted to make me a present of this wig. It is such a generous thing for her to do and we are so thankful.

"There is no way I could have afforded to pay £1,100.

"I would needed to have saved for a very long time, but I am just over the Moon.

"I wanted to do the story because I wanted to raise awareness of alopecia, but also I wanted people who have alopecia to know they don't have to let the condition define who they are.

"I have been overwhelmed by the response I have had, but I must admit, Nicola's kindness left me totally amazed."

Nicola said the smile on Kacey's face was all the payment she needed.

She said: "When I read Kacey's story I just really wanted to help because she is so young and is so brave the way she is handling her alopecia.

"I knew looking at the photographs that the wig Kacey had wasn't the best quality and I wanted to give her a wig that she could do anything with.

"The NHS wigs are fine, but I think they do look like wigs, especially if you tie them back into a ponytail or try to plait them.

"Kacey is at an impressionable age and she deserves to look her best and feel like her wig really does look and feel like hair.

"I launched Lemonade Wigs last year because I felt the waiting times for wigs were so bad and I feel Northern Ireland is so far behind what is available in America, for example. "I always wanted my own wig business because I wanted to empower people and show people there is nothing shameful about having to wear a wig, which I know a lot of people were made feel."

Nicola added: "If I was able to put a smile on Kacey's face, then that was all the payment I needed."

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