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WikiLeaks Northern Ireland secrets revealed


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

A secret chronicle of US-Northern Ireland relations is today revealed in a cache of embassy cables published by the Belfast Telegraph.

Classified documents uncovered by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks detail the full extent of ongoing American involvement and concern in the region's affairs – years after the onset of the peace process and formation of a power-sharing Executive.

The cables offer an unprecedented insight into backstage diplomacy and international relations as conducted by the world’s sole superpower.

Around 1,900 sensitive dispatches – many designated confidential or secret – have been obtained, detailing years of covert analysis and scrutiny of Northern Irish, Republic of Ireland and international matters.

It follows a two-month investigation by the Telegraph and our Dublin stablemate, the Irish Independent.

The contents of many of the cables will be the subject of a series of articles in the Belfast Telegraph and Irish Independent all this week.

Amongst the Northern Ireland revelations are:

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  • Northern Ireland is still viewed as a key security issue for the United States, with intelligence briefings on the region sent direct to the top-secret National Security Council in Washington
  • Highly sensitive details of dissident terror activity were passed to the American government in the wake of the Massereene murders
  • A high-risk strategy by a former Taoiseach that could have crippled the peace process at a key moment
  • US security analysts continue to monitor the PSNI’s ability to thwart terrorism
  • Us diplomats continue to act as brokers between parties and played a key role in defusing tensions over a highly contentious march through Belfast.

A series of unflattering assessments were also made of leading Northern Ireland politicians and their policies, including “disingenuous”, “absurd”, “wooden” and “a bull in a china shop”

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