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Wildlife on fringes of Belfast to be studied

The Belfast Hills Partnership is undertaking an audit of land around the Belfast Hills to study numbers of wildlife living on the urban fringe and is asking for help to set up the database.

Urban fringe refers to the boundary area between town and country and more and more sites are becoming wildlife corridors.

More of our local wildlife is setting up home nearer the city as the countryside provides fewer places for animals to live.

The environmental charity that helps manage the Belfast Hills, that stretch across Belfast, Newtownabbey and Lisburn, is asking people to contribute to the survey and log wildlife-friendly sites they know of around the hills.

Though they may be very small pockets of green space, these areas collectively provide vital oases of habitat.

If you live or walk along the urban fringes of the Belfast Hills and know of a site, the Belfast Hills Partnership would like to hear from you.

They can be contacted by email to, Facebook, Twitter (Belfasthills) or by calling 028 9060 3466.

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