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Willie Frazer fears his life may be in danger

By Adrian Rutherford

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer fears he could end up dead because threats against him are not being taken seriously.

His home was targeted on Monday - the latest in a series of attacks on the high-profile loyalist.

Mr Frazer, who escaped an arson attack on his house in 2013, said a recent spate of incidents is the worst he can remember.

He accused officials of turning a blind eye to the attacks, claiming they will only take notice if he is killed.

"At the minute it is ridiculous, and yet there seems to be an unwillingness to recognise it," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"The ordinary police, the officers on the ground, are doing the best they can but at the top level there is no interest.

"My own politicians have tried to raise it with the Justice Minister and the Secretary of State, and nothing has come back.

"I could be killed in one of these attacks - no doubt about it."

Mr Frazer has received between 30 and 40 official police notices warning of a threat to his life.

He has received hundreds more death threats via anonymous letters and phone calls.

He said: "Only a fortnight ago someone said to me 'It's only a matter of time before we get you Frazer. You'll go out some day and not come back'.

"I know the fella who said it - he's a Provo.

"But there's an element there who wants to ignore that."

The latest attack occurred on Monday afternoon when a man came up to Mr Frazer's home and started attacking his car and front door. Mr Frazer wasn't at home at the time, but his wife was.

It is believed three people were involved in the incident. They had fled by the time police arrived.

Mr Frazer also named a senior republican who had raised concerns about his safety.

"That is a brave statement coming from someone of his background," he said.

"I actually asked the police to investigate it. Why would he say that unless there is something to be concerned about?" He believes the threat to his life has never been more grave. "This is the worst it has been - the hatred and atmosphere at the minute, this is as bad as I've seen it," he added.

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