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Willie Frazer: Fenian-looking people are snaking about Markethill and watching me

John Dallat: Comments are utterly reprehensible

Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer's claims that "Fenian-looking" people are "snaking about" the Markethill area of Co Armagh and watching his house have been condemned by SDLP MLA John Dallat.

In a video, posted to his Facebook page, Mr Frazer said: "We know who is snaking about. You are that obvious and that stupid and that Fenian-looking that you can't be hid when you are in the area. We know who you are and so do the security forces."

He also claimed to have video evidence of people in cars taking video and photographs. Mr Frazer says these people "shouldn't be surprised if they end up with the bucket of a digger on their car".

Mr Dallat said the 'Fenian-looking' reference was "utterly reprehensible".

The MLA told the Belfast Telegraph: "Some have likened his words to the type of thing you would have heard during our dark past but it was unacceptable then and it is certainly unacceptable now.

"Mr Frazer thrives on creating suspicion, heightening tensions and increasing segregation. His insulting comments certainly serve that purpose but we must take encouragement that his views are shared only by an extreme minority if anyone at all."

Mr Frazer his since said that his reference to 'Fenian-looking people' was not aimed at Catholics. He said that he used the term as a derogatory one for republicans not Catholics.

The 54-year-old told the Irish News that he should have used the word 'scum' instead as Fenian "refers to a Gaelic warrior, so I am actually praising them, giving credit where it's not due".

He added: "If you put an ordinary Catholic and a republican in a room, you can tell there is a difference. They have a look of bitterness and hatred ... evil in their eyes."

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The PSNI was contacted by the victims campaigner to report what he felt was a suspicious vehicle near his property last week. A police spokesman said: "On the afternoon of Friday 5 February, police received a report of a car in the Markethill area which the caller thought as suspicious.

"Police checked the area within 15 minutes but could not find any trace of the vehicle."

Mr Frazer describes himself on his website as representing "an [sic] non-sectarian, non-political organisation to work in the interests of the innocent victims of terrorism".

He escaped an alleged arson attack on his home in 2013. In June last year he received medical treatment after an alleged assault.

The activist has previously accused officials of turning a blind eye to attacks, claiming they will only take notice if he is killed.

In 2013 he appeared at Belfast Laganside Courts wearing a flowing black robe, skullcap and fake beard and had attached a clothes-hanger hook to one of his hands. Mr Frazer was attempting to dress up as radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza as part of a Union flag protest.

He faced charges in relation to flag protests outside Belfast City Hall. All charges against the campaigner were dropped.

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