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Winnie the Pooh, Christmas tree and kittens - strange things found in Northern Ireland sewers

NI Water have revealed some of the unusual things workers have found in sewers.

It comes as staff dealt with a massive 'fatberg' of fat, oil and grease was taken from a sewer on the Dublin Road in south Belfast.

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Despite working at the site for the past six Sundays - there is still more mess to extract.

A large number of takeaways are located along the Dublin Road, but not everyone is disposing of their waste fat as they should which has resulted in the fatberg.

NI Water have released some of the strange items they have found in sewers:

· traffic cones

· Bart Simpson

· a spooky face

· planks of wood

· frogs

· rats

· kittens

· tennis balls

· toy cars

· Fire extinguishers

· Barbie Dolls

· car bumpers

· dust bins

· carpets

· baby car seat

· a 6 foot Christmas tree

· money

· a scooter

· fatbergs

· a mop

· A banister

· Money, including notes

· Underwear

· A school bell – approximately 1 foot high

· Engine parts

· Needles & Jewelry

· A sofa

· A Family of frogs feeding on the fats oil and grease

· Bikes and Prams

· Winnie The Pooh

· A golf bag

· House pets such as a kitten who was found alive in Ballyclare Wastewater Treatment Works and

· False teeth

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