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Wise up, DUP MP tells those hiding tyres on bonfires

South Belfast MP Emma Little-Pengelly
South Belfast MP Emma Little-Pengelly
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

DUP South Belfast MP Emma Little Pengelly has told those "hiding" tyres on bonfires to "wise up".

The politician took to Twitter on Sunday night to ask why people would risk the health of communities by placing the toxic materials on bonfires.

"It is proven that this can cause serious respiratory issues and cancer," she tweeted.

Belfast council contractors removed tyres from the east Belfast London Road bonfire site on Sunday morning. Ms Pengelly was among a number of unionist representatives to voice their opposition to the placing of tyres on the bonfire.

"I just do not want the community dying of cancer and respiratory disease due to toxic fumes," continued the MP.

Responding to a number of other users MP Pengelly said she was confused as to why anyone would put 1,000 tyres inside a bonfire. She said it would be a "sensible" way forward for tyres not to be placed on bonfires to prevent the need for statutory agencies to move in and she was left feeling "cross" tyres were hidden in the pyre. She called on businesses not to dump tyres at sites.

"I will always defend my culture and identity, but not something that has serious health and cancer risks," she added.


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