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With her slim frame Miko has the unlikely title of champion hotdog eater... so can she win our Oyster challenge?

Oyster-eating challenger Miki Sudo has vowed to 'win it for the girls'
Oyster-eating challenger Miki Sudo has vowed to 'win it for the girls'
Adrian Rutherford

By Adrian Rutherford

She's a world champion eater looking for a prestigious new title.

He's Northern Ireland's own record-breaking chomper keen to hold on to his crown.

In the food battle of the sexes who will come out on top?

Dromore's 'Oyster King' Colin Shirlow is aiming to beat his gut-busting 2005 world record for consuming 233 of the slimy sea delicacies in three minutes at the Oyster Eating Championships in Hillsborough this weekend.

But making her bid for competitive food-eating glory tomorrow is Miki Sudo from Las Vegas who in the past has guzzled 13.5 pints of ice cream in six minutes among a series of eye-watering challenges.

Colin is the undisputed world oyster-eating champion but Miki has form as the reigning women's hotdog-eating champion.

Miki (28) said: "I am absolutely thrilled to be here and am really looking forward to Saturday's challenge. I met Colin in June when he came to the States to compete in the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest where I won the women's championship.

"Hot dogs are one thing but oysters are a totally different ball game. I'm not a great lover of them but I have been in training and I am here to win. I'm gonna do it for the girls."

Also taking a stab at the title is Bob Shoudt from Pennsylvania who can pack away an astonishing quantity of food, including 7.9lbs of French fries in 10 minutes and 2.2lbs of blueberry pie in 60 seconds.

Bob (47) said: "This is a return bout between Colin and I.

"I was here last year and ate 174 oysters in three minutes. Not good enough to knock Colin off his crown last year but I think I have been developing my oyster-eating technique so I intend to give him a run for his money. Miki, of course, adds a new dimension. She is quite a gal and one to watch."

But 'Oyster King' Colin isn't worried. "Challengers come and challengers go," the 58-year-old said. "This year I'm not just looking to retain my title but I'm going for a new world record. If I can swallow 234 oysters on Saturday I will have done it.

"Miki and Bob are going to give me some tough competition but when it comes to oysters, I'm not convinced they have the stomach for it like me."

Visit hillsboroughoyster for details.

The oyster challengers

Miko sudo (28) from Las Vegas, US


No 1 Ranked Female Eater in the World by Major League Eating; No 4 Ranked Eater in the World by Major League Eating; Reigning women's hot dog eating champion; Two-time Ribfest Chicago Rib-Eating Champion; Reigning US National Buffalo Wing Eating Champion; Can eat 13.5 pints of ice cream in six minutes

Bob Shoudt (45) from Pennsylvania, US


World record holder for eating:

2.4 gallons of salmon chowder in six mins with a spoon; 13.9lbs of chilli spaghetti in 10 mins; 39 hamburgers in two mins; 7.9lbs of French fries in 10 mins; 36 peanut butter and banana sandwiches in 10 mins; 3lbs of penne pasta with marinara in one min, 47 secs; 2.2lbs of blueberry pie in 60 secs

Colin Shirlow (58) from Dromore, Co Down


Eight-time winner of the Hillsborough Oyster Festival World Oyster Eating Championship.

On Sunday he will be attempting to beat his unbeaten 2005 record of 233 oysters in three minutes.

His training does not include eating oysters – in fact the only time he eats them is when he is on stage competing each year.

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