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Woman and child diced with death at level crossing

By Adrian Rutherford

Shocking footage has emerged of a woman and young child putting their lives at risk by dashing across a railway line.

Police released the images of the incident near Lurgan train station.

As the barriers are closing, the woman can be seen making a dash for the other side along with the girl, who is thought to be just four or five years old.

"They could have been killed," PSNI Chief Inspector Jon Burrows said.

In the footage the woman can be seen walking towards the rail line clutching the child by the hand.

As the barriers begin to come down, cars can be seen stopped on the road.

However, the woman and child continue on through, making the other side with seconds to spare.

Chief Inspector Burrows warned: "Getting hit by a train is certain death.

"We have picked up body parts in the past. Don't take a chance on the train.

"I hope this is a wake-up call for anybody that would think about doing that."

Translink said there were more than 300 incidents of serious risk recorded on Northern Ireland's rail network in just five months this year.

Earlier this month footage was released of a near-miss at Downhill in Co Londonderry, where two walkers were inside the tunnel there as a train passed - and escaped with only a few scratches.

There have also been a series of other incidents, including vehicles being hit by level crossing barriers.

During 2015, 36 people were prosecuted for incidents including trespass and failure to observe a warning system.

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