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Woman arrested after man's stabbing leaves Newry in shock

By Cate McCurry

A 27-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following a stabbing in Newry.

A man was badly injured during the incident in a flat in the Sandy Street area in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It is understood a number of people were in the property at the time.

The man was originally taken to Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry.

He was later transferred to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, where he was said to be in a stable condition.

Detective Inspector Keith Gawley said yesterday: "Police have arrested a 27-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder following a stabbing incident in the Sandy's Street area of Newry in the early hours of Sunday morning.

"She is currently in police custody."

Sinn Fein's Mickey Brady said he understood the man was seriously injured in the incident.

"An incident like this, there is a community reaction, people do not like this to happen obviously," he said.

"It highlights how serious knife crime is. It is becoming more and more frequent and we need to really get it stamped out.

"Reports have it that a person has been seriously injured in an alleged stabbing incident.

"If anyone has information on this incident, bring it to the PSNI."

Newry and Armagh MLA Dominic Bradley said: "I was very shocked to hear about this incident, which took place quite close to my constituency office in the Sandy Street area. Any level of knife crime is unacceptable and this stabbing has shaken the entire community."

"I am sure the community will rally around the injured man and his family. I send him my best wishes and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery."

"It is vital that we let the police investigation take its course and I would urge anyone with information about this incident to contact the PSNI immediately."

Newry councillor Jackie Patterson said the stabbing created a bad image for the city. "It's terrible to hear this happening on a Sunday morning," he said.

"Sandy Street is right in the city centre. I was in the area yesterday at about 11pm and was out socialising at the Brass Monkey with a few friends.

"The city is generally such a peaceful area to go out in, so I'm shocked to hear that this happened. I actually parked in Sandy Street and left the area at about 11pm, it was a lovely evening. But to waken up to that news is very worrying.

"It seems to be happening more and more in our town centre. It's the trend, so I would ask these people to cease this particular behaviour as so many people want to go out and enjoy themselves."

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