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Woman blasts MLAs after mum lies for 13 hours on Craigavon hospital trolley

By Victoria Leonard

A young woman has called for MLAs to "work together for their people's futures" after her sick mother spent the night on a hospital trolley during 13 hours in Craigavon Area Hospital's A&E department.

Holistic health practitioner and florist Catherine Donnelly (34) shared her account of the Sunday night ordeal in a social media post which has since gone viral, garnering over 4,000 shares.

She wrote: "To our so-called MLAs who refuse to work together for their people's futures.

"Yesterday I spent 13 hours in Craigavon A&E with my mum who was very ill and in pain.

"There were no beds for her when she was admitted so she spent the night on a trolley.

"As I sat with mum I watched a full waiting room, people laying on trolleys in cubicles because wards were full, lined up the corridors, nurses and doctors rushed off their feet.

"I witnessed one nurse having her lunch on the go while taking notes, pregnant, holding her lower back and exhausted trying to do her job.

"I watched another who paced the floor in those 13 hours I was with mum. I counted 156 times she paced the corridor past me.

"This poor nurse was exhausted but still did her job. Most of them I never saw leave the floors even to eat."

Catherine said that her mum was told by an "exhausted" clinical surgeon that "the place was in crisis and they had to wait until a bed was available as she was being admitted".

"He leant his back against the wall, flushed face and apologised so much I thought he would cry.

"To the MLAs on both sides, while you are busy sitting on your hands, while you're all busy 'celebrating the past', while you're busy doing nothing with our taxes, nurses who are actually busy, doctors who are exhausted - those on the front line are taking care of the people whose lives are being put at risk by stretched services.

"It is not our NHS' fault."

Catherine blamed a "childish spat" between MLAs who were "holding onto history" for leaving services like health and education "on their knees".

She added that she was "ashamed of our so-called representatives" and called on MLAs to return to Stormont.

After receiving an outpouring of support, she added that she was "raising awareness out of frustration" and was "looking for the MLAs to do the job they are paid for" to help society progress.

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