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Woman dies in blackspot smash

By Patrice Dougan

A woman has died after the car she was driving collided with a lorry in Co Antrim.

The accident occurred yesterday morning on the notorious Frosses Road, between Ballymena and Ballymoney.

The woman’s Renault Megane car and the fully-laden lorry were involved in what is believed to have been a head-on collision shortly after 9am.

Emergency services were called to the scene where crews found the woman seriously injured inside her badly damaged car and the lorry at the bottom of an embankment.

Local councillor Audrey Patterson said the road is a notorious blackspot.

“This part of the road needs to be made a dual carriageway. There have been so many accidents on that stretch, it has been terrible,” she said.

Kevin McCauley, who photographed the scene, said accidents are often caused on the road by people trying to overtake.

He said: “The bottom line is people need to slow down on the road. They are driving too fast. It is a terrible spot where people try and overtake.”

The Fire and Rescue Service tried to rescue the woman who was fighting for her life in the car.

District commander for the area, Charlie McAuley, said a team of firefighters worked to free the woman while paramedics treated her.

“Unfortunately during the course of when we were doing that the doctor confirmed that the lady had died at the scene,” he said. “We waited until we were given police clearance to cut the car apart to release her, and the car was removed from the scene.”

He said the car had been “very seriously damaged” in the accident, and said it had been a “very traumatic” incident for the emergency services to witness.

“The fully-laden lorry had collided head-on we believe, but I haven’t any idea how that occurred,” said Mr McAuley.

“The lorry went off the road and down an embankment and the car was so severely damaged it would be hard to tell what direction it was travelling in.”

The fatal accident happened close to the Dunloy crossroads on Frosses Road, between the crossroads and Drones Road.

It takes the number of people who have died on Northern Ireland’s roads this year to 14 — over double the number from the same time last year.

Head of road policing, |superintendent Muir Clarke, |said that the “carnage cannot continue”.

“All it takes is one wrong decision, one moment’s inattention or one drink to instantly change lives forever,” he said.

“Considering that excessive speed for the conditions is the single biggest killer of people on Northern Ireland roads, the onus really is on drivers and motorcyclists.”

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