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Woman flees Belfast following dissident leaflets threat

By Staff Reporter

A young woman has left Belfast after her name and image was distributed on a flyer by dissident republicans.

She was left traumatised after copies of the A6 size notice were delivered to houses around the Turf Lodge and surrounding areas yesterday.

It was described as a community notice and carried a sinister warning against those who co-operate with the PSNI. Describing the PSNI as an "armed militia", accusing it of "continued human rights abuses" and "child abusers".

It goes on to express disgust that police officers had taken part in a recent community event in Turf Lodge, and in this context blamed the young woman for her "grotesque invitation" to the police to take part.

It also criticised her for allowing police officers to pose for photographs with children, adding "shame on her". The leaflet bears the logo of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association. The event it refers to is understood to be the Monagh Road Street Party which took place on Sunday.

It is understood that several householders in Turf Lodge challenged those delivering the leaflets about what they were doing.

The young woman said she has gone away for a few days with her family, describing yesterday's events as "hurtful".

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