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Woman gives birth outside PSNI station

By Michael Bashford

A police woman has been praised by Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde after helping deliver a baby outside Holywood Police Station.

Sgt Karen Millikin was returning to the station following a routine patrol in the early hours of November 9 when the incident occurred.

When a nearby car sounded its horn Sgt Millikin went to investigate and was asked by a man, Philip Middleton, to help him as his wife was having a baby.

As she approached the vehicle Sgt Millikin found the mother, Denise Middleton, in the advanced stages of labour in the front seat.

She explained: “I went round to the front seat and Denise was obviously in a lot of pain. We couldn't move her so she swung her legs onto the pavement and asked what was happening. I could see the baby's head and told her that one more push and the baby would be born. Denise did really well and the next minute the little baby boy appeared.

“He was a little quiet at the beginning but my dog is pregnant at the moment and I've been reading up on the subject so I held the little boy and rubbed his back gently and he started crying.”

An ambulance arrived shortly after and mother and baby, later named Conor, were both declared healthy and taken to hospital.

Conor's father, Philip, said Sgt Millikin showed “no nerves and took it all in her stride”.

“Having someone else there helped calm me I think,” he said.

“I was just glad she was there to help deliver our baby.”

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