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Woman has engagement ring stolen at knifepoint in Belfast


Mugging: The ring that was taken

Mugging: The ring that was taken


Mugging: The ring that was taken

A woman was robbed at knifepoint by robbers who took her engagement ring and watch.

It happened in the Stewartstown Road area of Belfast on Sunday night at around 9.40pm

It was reported the woman was robbed as she walked along the path in Woodside Forest, heading for the Woodside Estate. Detective Constable McVeagh said: "The woman, aged in her 20s, was approached by a male and a female. The female distracted the victim while the man brandished a small penknife and demanded money. The man grabbed at and ripped the victim's pockets, taking her money; and the female proceeded to remove the victim's watch and engagement ring.

"The male suspect is described as being aged in his 30s, approximately 5ft 6ins in height, wearing a dark coat with the hood up, and dark bottoms. It is believed he was wearing a paper surgical-type mask. The female suspect is also described as being aged in her 30s and approximately 5ft 6ins in height. She also was wearing a dark coat with the hood up and a paper surgical-type mask."

The ring is white gold with a large square diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds, among which there is a small blue/green stone.

Anyone who could assist officers or who is offered a ring matching this description is asked to contact police on 101.

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