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Woman hurt during mock battle at game fair celebration

By Lisa Smyth

A woman has been accidentally injured during a game fair at Shane’s Castle in Randalstown, it’s been claimed.

A member of the public at the event has told he watched with horror as people rushed to assist the woman who is believed to have been injured during an historical re-enactment of a battle scene at the two-day event over the weekend.

The man, who was there with his wife and children yesterday, said: “The woman was standing behind a cannon and there was a line of men with muskets to the side firing during this re-enactment battle.

“There was another group of men on the other side firing back and she was directly in the way.

“The next thing we heard this woman say: ‘I think I’ve been hit with something out of that cannon’.

“We thought she was joking but the next thing was she was down on her knees and went as pale as anything. The St John’s Ambulance people were called over and an ambulance was called but I don’t know how badly she was hurt.”

A spokesman from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service last night said an ambulance was tasked to the fair, but stood down immediately as St John’s Ambulance paramedics were in attendance.

No-one from St John’s Abulance could be contacted last night to ascertain the extent of the woman’s injuries and whether she required further treatment at hospital.

The organisers of the event were unavailable for comment last night.

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