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Woman injured by car that crashed into TV crew in Belfast tells of horror - 'I had flashbacks of the car coming at me'

A woman who was injured after a car hit a crowd of people in south Belfast has told of the flashbacks she suffered of the vehicle coming at her.

Catriona Lilley was taking part in filming for a TV crime programme when the incident happened on November 30.

The 22-year-old suffered a fractured jaw and lost teeth in the collision which injured five other people.

A Belfast-based independent production company, commissioned by RTE, was filming part of a new crime reconstruction series in the area.

Ms Lilley told BBC Good Morning Ulster: "The first night that I came home I woke up in the night having flashbacks of the car just coming at me.

"I started to feel really ill because I could imagine it hitting my stomach over and over again."

The young woman told how she has not been able to go near her car since the crash and that the thought of being on the road makes her "anxious".

"I know I wasn't driving", she said.

"But the thought of being on the road with cars all around me is making me quite anxious.

"I have found myself slightly more nervous about crossing roads, even though I wasn't on a road when it happened, thinking that this is where a car could be driving and hit me."

Looking back, in the immediate aftermath of the crash Ms Lilley said it felt "surreal" and revealed that she "couldn't stop screaming".

"It was just really horrifying and really traumatic seeing everything around me. I was just thinking 'God I hope is everyone is OK' and what on earth was that. What happened?

"It just seemed so surreal."

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