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Woman involved in Ballymena wheelie bin horror months after party girl's 'scalping'

By Deborah McAleese

A young woman has admitted her role in an attack on a man who was found naked, bruised and battered in a taped-up wheelie bin.

Paula Wilson (21) pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting two men in the false imprisonment of 21-year-old Adam Robinson, who was left traumatised by the attack.

It can now also be reported that just four months earlier Wilson was involved in another horrific attack where a woman was scalped by a gang armed with razors.

Yesterday, Wilson appeared before Antrim Crown court alongside her ex-partner Teri Christopher Bernard Lau and Roddy Patterson, who both pleaded guilty to causing Mr Robinson actual bodily harm and false imprisonment.

The young man was discovered battered and naked inside a sealed wheelie bin which had been propped up against a tree. He was only found when a dog sniffed out the bin, sealed with parcel tape, in dense undergrowth.

The brutal attack on Mr Robinson was carried out after a "drink and drugs-fuelled party" which lasted for days in the Dunclug Park area of Ballymena.

A detective said the victim "looked like he had been tortured", with lacerations to his back, torso and limbs.

Wilson had been arrested after a witness told police they had spotted a young woman in the area where the bin was found.

Detectives seized her mobile phone, and on examination uncovered shocking footage, not of the attack on Mr Robinson, but on an unconscious woman months earlier.

The footage, which was recorded during another party in May last year, shows three men dry-shaving the woman's "dark, long hair" as she lay partially clothed and helpless on the floor.

The court had heard that Wilson laughed while the men scalped and slapped the woman as she lay unconscious.

Wilson is on bail awaiting sentence in relation to both attacks.

Lau (27), of Dunclug Park, and Patterson (27), of Glendun Drive, Ballymena, have been remanded in custody to be sentenced next month in relation to the attack on Mr Robinson.

Mr Robinson's father Mervyn said yesterday that his son was still suffering from nightmares.

He added that his son found it very difficult to talk about his ordeal and that the incident had been very stressful for the whole family.

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