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Woman left £50k in her will to help patients

A Londonderry woman has bequeathed £50,000 in her will to help treat patients with severe chest conditions at Altnagelvin Hospital.

Matilda Jean McAdoo, from Ashburn Avenue in the Waterside, left a total of £49,718 to NI Chest Heart & Stroke on condition that the money was used for the benefit of patients being treated in her native city.

Patients are now being housed in a newly-refurbished unit thanks to the late Mrs McAdoo, whose relatives yesterday visited Altnagelvin Hospital.

NI Chest Heart & Stroke, in consultation with the hospital, decided that the money should be put towards a three-bed facility on the respiratory ward where acutely ill respiratory patients, including those requiring non-invasive ventilation (NIV), would be cared for.

Tom McElhinney, area services manager at NI Chest Heart & Stroke’s North West office, said: “We are very grateful for Mrs McAdoo’s decision to remember our work in her will.

“A legacy can make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives. When it helps enhance the patient experience in hospital, it is all the more valuable.”

In Northern Ireland, nearly twice as many women under the age of 75 die from heart disease as from breast cancer.

More than half of all deaths in the province are caused by chest, heart or stroke illness.

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