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Woman rescued after fall at Giant's Causeway


A woman has been rescued from the Giant's Causeway after falling on to rocks close to the sea.

The 36-year-old from Belfast was with friends who raised the alarm when she fell yesterday morning, prompting a difficult rescue operation involving 15 Coastguard personnel and an ambulance crew.

The Coleraine and Ballycastle Coastguard teams worked in relays during the hour-long rescue operation, which began shortly before 9am.

The woman, with a suspected fractured leg, was later taken to hospital.

Judith McNeice, from Belfast Coastguard, said it was a difficult operation because of the remoteness of the site.

"The stones are fairly inaccessible and it is quite difficult to get people off them again so we needed quite a lot of Coastguard assistance to carry the woman on the stretcher back off the stones and into the care of the ambulance."

She added that accidents at the Causeway were fairly common.

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