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Woman to confront fears and raise cash for charity with Kilimanjaro ascent

By Adrian Rutherford

A young Northern Ireland woman is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a global child rights charity.

Rachel Dean is undertaking the gruelling 5,895-metre ascent - equivalent to 3.6 miles - in August.

She is aiming to raise nearly £3,000 in aid of Childreach International. The charity works in countries including India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Morocco, Nepal, Tanzania and the UK.

It aims to ensure that children can take a stand and fulfil their potential.

It isn't just the task of scaling one of the world's highest mountains that Rachel (20), from Belfast, must confront.

She also has to overcome her fear of flying ahead of the ambitious trek.

"The journey is around 16 hours long to Africa and I am extremely afraid of planes but I couldn't let this opportunity pass," she said.

"I jumped at the chance to help these children while also doing something fun and exciting - it's a once in a lifetime opportunity."

The team will be climbing from the bottom to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Rachel, who is part of a team of more than 20, added: "We will stay in a number of camps on the way up, allowing for rest and altitude checks.

"The trip is 16 days long - we will get to visit the children in Tanzania that we will be helping by raising money. We will then spend six days trekking Kilimanjaro. The last six days are dedicated to individual travel - a chance to relax after the climb.

"The charity has outlined how certain amounts of money can have an effect: £3 allows the safe delivery of a baby in India, while £10 develops IT skills for as many as 188 children and £50 will provide 20 new mothers with maternal healthcare."

People can send donations of £3 by texting 'UNLOCK 195981' to 70007

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