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Woman 'was punched during parade'

Police are investigating reports a woman was assaulted by marchers during a loyal order parade in Ballymena.

The woman, in her late 50s, was allegedly struck in the face and thrown to the ground as she tried to cross Broughshane Street while the Royal Black Institution procession was passing on Saturday lunchtime.

Sinn Fein councillor Monica Digney said she visited the woman, a Catholic, in hospital in the wake of the incident.

"This woman was trying to get across the road as she had a hairdresser's appointment," she said.

"One marcher grabbed but she got away then another swung her round and punched her right on the cheek.

"She was then subjected to a torrent of sectarian abuse."

The event in Ballymena, which saw hundreds of marchers and bandsmen take to the streets, was one of a series of Royal Black Institution parades across Northern Ireland.


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