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Woman who survived shooting which killed her teen sister Marian Brown received two bullets in the post

By Rebecca Black

A woman who survived a shooting incident which killed her teenage sister received two bullets in the post, it has emerged.

Teresa Brown had been pushing a pram during the disputed shooting on Roden Street in west Belfast in the early hours of June 10, 1972.

Her sister Marian (17) was pregnant at the time and along with her boyfriend Thomas Corrigan had just told her mother and that the pair were planning to get married. They are believed to have been sharing a kiss goodnight at the corner of Roden Street and the Grosvenor Road when the shooting started.

Thomas was also shot but survived.

Teresa told a new inquest into Marian's death on Monday that she lay flat face down on the ground during the shooting. When the shooting finished she got to her feet and found her sister Marian lying on her back on the ground unresponsive and Mr Corrigan lying over her.

Teresa said she saw around five figures moving at a grey gate wait a short distance up Roden Street.

Within a few days of the incident Teresa received two bullets through the letter box of her then home at Donegall Avenue.

She said she believed it had happened because her name and address had been published in a newspaper following the shooting, and that the second bullet was meant for her child because it had been reported she had been pushing a pram. Teresa and her family then moved away from the area and didn't return.

Ms Brown told the inquest that she believed loyalists had sent the bullets because she was then living in a loyalist area.

Mr Corrigan is set to give evidence to the inquest on Monday afternoon.

The second inquest was ordered by Attorney General John Larkin ordered a second inquest into Marian Brown's death following a re-examination of the case by the Historical Enquiries Team.

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