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Woman who took part in lewd video on Comber street is mortified, says friend

By Cate McCurry

One of the women involved in a rude video filmed in a Comber street has been left "mortified" by the footage, a friend has said.

The clip shows two apparently intoxicated women stripping off in the Co Down town's busy square in the middle of the day.

The video, which was taken some time ago, has attracted criticism for its display of lewd behaviour in a part of the town frequented by families.

It begins with a woman wearing just a pair of underpants and a black top running down the street outside the Gillespie Arms - an area packed with shops and cafes.

The unidentified woman shouts that she "loves fresh air" before flashing her bra and bare bottom, while a man shooting the video calls her "a mad b******". Her friend then joins in, pulling her trousers down before the other woman attempts to kiss her backside and calls her a "sexy b******".

The seemingly inebriated pair then climb on a picnic table outside the pub and graphically simulate sexual intercourse before the two-minute recording comes to an end.

Robert Gibson, a DUP councillor for the area, said: "This is disgusting behaviour. Some people will be on high spirits on occasions for whatever reasons, but I think that this is taking it too far, especially during the day. The town centre is the main hub here with plenty of cafes and a couple of pubs.

"It's a busy part of the town, and at that time of day families are out and about.

"It's behaviour that you cannot really defend in any way. I'm not opposed to people going out and enjoying themselves, but that was disgusting. It doesn't help the town's image. People living in the town understand that this is a one-off.

"The people involved in the video can't be all that proud when they see the outcome.

"We are trying to improve the image of Comber with the public realm works and have spent millions doing it up.

"We are keen to promote the town in a positive way, and incidents like this do not help. It's the sort of thing that we wouldn't want to see again."

A friend of one of the women, who did not want to be identified, said she had been left embarrassed by the incident and wanted to move on from it.

A local trader, who did not want to be named, said people in Comber were outraged by the video.

It has been slammed as shameful by locals, who said the women involved should apologise.

"Not only were they running around half-naked, but they were also simulating sex on a picnic table in the middle of a town during the day," the business owner said.

"If children saw this, it would be horrifying for them and their parents. They should be ashamed of themselves.

"I hope this never happens again as it's the talk of the town and everyone is disgusted by it."

A PSNI spokesperson said the force had received no complaints about the video.

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