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Woman's hair pulled out in horror attack in Northern Ireland club


Hannah Abercrombie==

Hannah Abercrombie==

Hannah Abercrombie==

A 20-year-old woman who was dragged across a dance floor by her hair in a vicious attack that left her with gaping bald patches has described the ordeal as "terrifying".

Hannah Abercrombie from Co Fermanagh had clumps of hair ripped from her scalp during a night out with friends in Enniskillen.

The Irvinestown woman said she was unable to wash her hair for over a week because of the raw pain and serious injuries inflicted on her.

Police in Enniskillen said they are aware of the incident.

Hannah was on a night out with friends last month when she was targeted by a woman she knows.

"I was out in Enniskillen when the girl came up to me and I asked her to leave me alone," she said.

Following a brief incident in which bouncers were forced to intervene, the pair went their separate ways.

Some time later, however, the woman returned.

"It was nearly the end of the night and my friends were going to the cloakroom and I was heading home too when she came up to my face and asked what my problem was," said Hannah.

"I told her, 'please leave me alone', and then she punched me in the face and pulled me by the hair.

"The pain was brutal and I heard and felt every bit of it coming out of my scalp.

"There was no getting away from it.

"It was horrendous and so sore.

"That went on for ages. There were about six people trying to get her off me.

"It was the bouncers that pulled her from me.

"Then I spotted her waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me - it seemed she wanted another go.

"The bouncers waited until she left and escorted me to a taxi.

"I went straight to the police station but they couldn't take a statement off me until the following day."

Hannah was taken to the Accident and Emergency department at the South West Acute Hospital for treatment. Medics told her that her scalp was raw but could not say whether her natural hair would grow back.

"I couldn't wash my hair for over a week, it was too painful," Hannah said.

The incident left her self-conscious because of the bald patches.

"I loved my hair and got it done all the time. It was really hard," she said.

"After the attack I moved back to my mum's because I was so terrified."

A few days after the assault, Hannah was made aware of Nikita Doherty, who is a hair extension specialist.

"I went for a consultation with her to find out if she could help and then a week later she had it fixed. I wouldn't know what I would have done without her. She really sorted me out.

"She was so good and organised my appointment in the after-hours when she was closed so nobody would see because I was so embarrassed.

"I was so happy with it - it just looked like my own hair and felt like it was back to normal again.

"She put a mesh on my head which she pins into my own hairs and then put a headpiece on top and sewed it to the mesh.

A spokesman for the PSNI said: "Police in Enniskillen are aware of a report of an assault at a premises in the High Street area of the town in the early hours on Monday morning, April 9."

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