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Woman's heroism after two boys beaten by gang of men

By Chris Kilpatrick

A mother has told how she tried to stop two teenage boys being battered by a gang of 10 men as other people stood by and wouldn’t intervene.

The good Samaritan said she had no choice but to try and stop the savage attack on the boys, aged 13 and 14, when no one else would come to their aid.

Some motorists even drove around the pair as they were being kicked and punched.

The victims were set upon in the unprovoked assault as they made their way home from the Ice Bowl in Dundonald with two other youths on Saturday night.

Three car loads of men — said to be aged between 25 and 35 — pulled up alongside the teens on East Link Road before getting out and viciously assaulting them.

The frenzied attack only stopped when the passing female motorist pulled up.

The mother-of-two saw the group raining punches and kicks on the pair as they lay on the ground. The woman, who does not wish to be identified, said despite other motorists and pedestrians’ reluctance, she felt obligated to help.

“I just saw a wee fella being trailed across the road while he was being punched and kicked,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.

“They were kneeing him in the stomach, kicking and punching his face. It was horrific.

“They were like animals. I felt physically sick looking at it.

“I just thought ‘I’m not sitting here watching this’ so I revved my car. The men started to get back into their cars and I got out.

“To see what those kids took from eight to 10 men. They didn’t care they were kids, they beat them like men.”

The woman said she was shocked nobody else in the vicinity of the attack tried to help, with many driving around the group as they carried out the attack.

The 13-year-old boy’s father — who asked to be identified only as Harry — said his son was badly shaken by his ordeal.

The boy’s mother — who is disabled — has also been left extremely distressed, Harry said.

The boy finally agreed to go with his father to see a doctor on Monday. The teenager has numerous bumps on his head, bruising and concussion. Harry said his son was traumatised by the ordeal.

“It was just totally vicious and completely unprovoked,” he said.

The other teenager also sustained severe cuts and bruises as well as a suspected broken wrist.

Harry added: “Our fear is had his friend not stepped in and a passing woman stopped, God knows what would’ve happened.”

UUP MLA Michael Copeland — a close friend of Harry for more than 40 years — said he was horrified by the attack.

It is believed the boys have provided police with the registration of at least one vehicle.

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