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Woman's locked doors foil carjackers

By Nevin Farrell

A female driver prevented would-be hijackers taking her car while it was stopped in a traffic jam by keeping her doors locked.

The gang struck on the York Road in Belfast on Wednesday at around 6.50pm.

Police said one of two men standing by the roadside tried to open the doors of the red Honda Civic while it was stopped in a queue heading for the motorway.

After finding that the doors were locked the men made off on foot. The driver was not injured.

Following a spate of hijackings, police are urging motorists to lock doors and keep windows up.

They also urged people walking to their vehicles to avoid listening to MP3 players and not to talk on mobile phones, as it distracts from potential threats.

A number of carjackings have been blamed on a notorious crime gang the 'Divis Hoods'.

UUP councillor David Browne said: "Hopefully the police will catch these people and bring them to justice. Christmas time seems to bring a lot of undesirables out - if it is not breaking into shops and houses it is holding people up in their cars, especially women. People need to be vigilant.

"The courts need to make an example of the people doing this. There is no use giving them a slap on the wrist and people getting out and doing this again."

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