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Women are celebrated in new Enfield Street mural

by Chris McCann

A new mural was launched in north Belfast highlighting the role of women in historic events over the past century.

Celebrating “women through the ages”, the mural was created in Enfield Street, near the Shankill Road, by Woodvale and Cambrai Youth and Community Group in association with artist Deborah Malcolmson, and in partnership with Groundwork NI and Belfast City Council.

DUP MLA Nelson McCausland, Councillor William Humphrey MLA and Pastor Jonathan Clarke of Welcome Evangelical Church were among those who attended the launch.

Mr McCausland, Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure, said: “The mural, developed by Woodvale and Cambrai Youth and Community Group, is an excellent project.

“It depicts the role of women from the start of the 20th century and the time of the Home Rule crisis through to the present day.

“So often the role of women has been ignored in retelling our history and this mural helps to redress that omission.

“Such historical murals help to affirm a sense of community and identity and they also help to tell the history of the area to the next generation of young people, who did not live through those times.

“This mural, which looks at history from a female perspective, may be the first such mural in a loyalist community and I commend the community for their vision in producing this excellent piece.”

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